How to Optimize for Youtube – SEO Strategy for Videos

:10 – The YouTube Creator Studio. Putting in titles, etc…
:23 – Video thumbnail.
1:58 – Tagging a video.
3:00 – Keywords to use in the description. Getting love from YouTube SERP.
4:38 – #TIMESTAMPS. The how and why of entering timestamps. They are great for SEO.
9:00 – We do some keyword searches and see some results.

This is a video of how I optimized one of my videos for search. Included are some of my SEO strategies.

This is the video I am referring to:

You will see my approach and how optimize titles, tags and descriptions for content. Proper metadata helps YouTube index content. To build views from search and suggested videos, and to have YouTube index your content, it is critical to use proper metadata.

You will see how quickly you can get your video to show up in the search results.

There is no secret to the rules of YouTube optimization. Here is a link to Youtube’s own list of standards to video opitimization:

It is up to you to use your creativity to leverage the guidelines YouTube gives us.


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