SEO Explanation Video – | In a great many cases, the key difference between a popular website and an unpopular website that both advertise the same service is their SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a crucial part of any online marketing strategy that separates the popular websites on the front page of respective search engines from the less popular websites that clog the thousands of pages of results that are never looked at. In most cases, “pages not looked at” refers to every page of results other than page 1.

In all cases, however, it is clear that proper search engine optimization is the difference between being noticed and being invisible on the internet. All search engines are created with formulas and rules that look through website content, including links, titles, and text to determine the relevance of a given website with regards to specific keywords. By optimizing these keywords to the standards of the search engine, the website ranks higher on it. Often, the key to a successful business lies in being visible on as many major search engines as possible.

We at Brandignity are experts on search engine optimization, and thoroughly understand the competitive environment that makes SEO a necessity for businesses. We use internet marketing and SEO techniques to help businesses become as visible as possible on the Internet. In this video, we will describe the various elements of SEO and the myriad of business possibilities that open up immediately after adopting such techniques.

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