How To Build Backlinks For SEO

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The Link Builders: 5 Ways Link Building Works

In digital marketing and search engine optimization, you cannot ignore building link juice, both inbound and outbound. Links, you will come to discover, are your most powerful asset as a marketer. Given that off – page search engine optimization accounts for most of your website’s ability to rank for given keywords, it follows that you focus on building relevant and authoritative links from external websites.
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How To Build Backlinks For SEO

Want to know how to build backlinks for SEO in 2016?

Here are 5 methods that work:

1. “Do Follow Forums”
2. Blog Commenting
3. Directories
4. Social Bookmarking sites
5. Submitting your RSS Feeds

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1. How can I get more backlinks to my website?

The truth is you don’t want backlinks to your Website. Well at least not in the way in which most people consider backlinks. I always find people with a ton of backlinks to their Website which used to mean that they would climb the ladder of Google ranks. However, Google caught on to this and it no longer works like it once did.
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