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Hi, I’m James Cluster and I am a digital marketer and Facebook Ads Expert in Ventura County. I wanted to take the time today to explain the “Value Ladder” and knowing what a client’s LTV (long term value) can mean for your business.

If you know what the life of a new customer will mean financially to your business, then you will be able to tell if Facebook Marketing is going to work for you.

Let’s say for example that you are a pizza shop in town. You sell a large pizza for $19.99, and my suggestion is that you offer a coupon for a FREE large pizza that can be seen locally on Facebook by people living nearby your store (such as within a 5 mile radius, or even 10 miles if you deliver). Now, you’re not too keen on giving away a free $19.99 pizza because you don’t know what the return on that may be.

Well, if you have worked out the value of a long term customer and you know that the average person orders at least one pie a week from you and the average order cost is $27 because they order a small salad with it, and you know your average customer stays with you for 4 years then let’s do the math: ($27 x 52) x 4 = $5,616 is the LTV of that customer.

So if I ask you to give away a $20 pizza, and the lead cost to get that person in your door was let’s say even as high as $15, and if you divide the monthly managment fee for consulting and finding you the best Facebook Ads in Ventura for your business and it’s $30 per lead, you have spent a total of $65 dollars to bring in a customer that’s going to bring you $5600 over the life of their patronage.

I would say it was worth spending the $65, wouldn’t you?

So, you need to know what your customer’s LTV is and what kind of a value ladder YOU have to offer them as a business. What’s your offer to get them in the door with your Facebook Marketing in Ventura County? What’s the next step up the ladder in terms of what your business can offer them? When you know these two things you can really make your business explode.


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