Interview with Bert Amsing, President of SEO Buenos Aires

Ask the hard questions and get good answers at from this SEO expert and digital marketing consultant at SEO Buenos Aires.

We are here with Mr. Bert Amsing, President of SEO Buenos Aires to talk a little bit about his background and experience.
1. So tell us about yourself and how long have you lived in Argentina. 2. Can you tell us something about your work and business background? 3. That’s very interesting, but I understand that you’re a writer? 4. So, what’s easier, writing or editing?
5. Besides writing and editing, could you mention three skills you excel at? 6. So, why do you think you would be a good fit for this company? 7. Haven’t you recently launched your own SEO Agency here in Buenos Aires? 8. Right, talking about communication, do you speak Spanish? 9. Perfecto. Do you fulfill all of the requirements that they are asking for? 10. So what you’re saying is you could do this job well and with excellence?
11. Having said that, do you have any suggestions or ideas that you think this company ought to pursue? 12 . So, Bert, you’re a writer, an entrepreneur, and you’re quite good at SEO and digital marketing? You’re also a native English speaker and with some fluency in Spanish but you don’t have specific degrees in marketing or experience in the particular business of your client. Is that right? So, why should they hire you? 13. So, again, what do you consider are your strengths? 14. Well, thank you. That was very, very interesting and it was a pleasure to meet you. We look forward to talking with you again Do you have any last words you would like to say?

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