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The Phoenix SEO Agency, Search Explosion’s founder, Joshua Fletcher, tells why he created this company and why he serves his customers in this fashion.

Search engine optimization is the largest leverage your marketing dollar can apply. Because of the unique marketplace that Google has created, ranking on the first page of Google, not only brings more customers, but it validates you as a business. Dollars invested in SEO pay strong ROI in new customers as well as validation from the largest company on the planet.

If you haven’t begun going after organic search engine rankings before, optimizing your website and your content is the first place to start. Search Explosion begins with you and the company you want to create. Your unique take on serving your customers and how that will translate into online marketing. Telling a compelling story to your customers and letting them know why you are in business is at the core of what you need to do, and what we help with.

Beyond that, we make sure that your business is found for the most appropriate search terms in Google. Lots of companies will rank you for keywords, and even guarantee results, but very few have the success rate of completely transforming their customers lives. We focus on you having success and creating the business and life you want.

As a full service marketing firm that specializes in SEO, Search Explosion is unique in it’s ability to truly deliver transformational results in your business and your life. You owe it to yourself to contact us to see what we can help put together for you.

Your life and your legacy are important. Don’t treat them to a second rate experience. Give Search Explosion a chance to show you how your can better serve your customers and your loved ones.

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