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With Your Online Business. 99% of Web Design Company’s Promise that they can get you too the top of search engines but the truth is that they dont even have good oraganic rankings for their own website the reason you should go with this company is we have targeted the keyphrase: Web Page Deisgn ____City____ dot com – with the domain and with the codeing on this site.

Search Engine Optimization Does this Company Get Organic SEO Results: Meaning you dont have to pay per click for Traffic. or Google Adwords – Adwords is a great way to get traffic to your website but at the same time can be very costly. You can get results to the top of search results alot quicker as far as the time frame if you need it done today Google Adwords is the place to go.

1. What is the Domain name ?. Does it use your main text for your marketing EXAMPLE we are targeting the orgainc ranking for the term : Seattle Web Page Design in search engines like Yahoo , Google and Bing and as the keyword using the Keyword in the Domain Helps alot Also How Old the Domain is also can effect its rankings older the better.

2. TITLE TAGS Can Be Found at the top of each website in the Bar at the top of the page This is what the Search Engines sees and how it decides too rank your website also haveing it be catchy and not like the Others will help. Promise a Benfit or Help Slove a Problem

3. How is the Content on the Site Coded Does it use h1 tags along with using the keypharse an apropreate amount of times Most sites use the keypharse only 4 times per page Internet Marketing & Internet Marketing Company

4. KEY ELEMENT FOR SEO is Backlinks what is a Backlink it is when another website puts a link from thier site back to yours.Usaully the Blue Text means that it is a link to more pages in your site or two another website this is a link if its withen your site if its too another website it is a Backlink. Here is something my compeditors dont know is that you only need one link from each website on one page perferably the Home Page also that you have diffrent IP Addresses Pointing to your website.

Each Url Backlink Is Worth Points to Google

Most If Not All Of Your Backlinks Are Page Rank 0-1 Only Worth A Small Amount of Points To Google’s System For Ranking Website You Need High Athortey Backlinks With a High Page Rank In Order To Get the Results You Want With Your Marketing Campain. Check Out Your Website Links at the Address below

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