Traditional Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing | RankHero SEO (805) 415-0579, why is Social Media Marketing so much better than traditional forms of marketing (billboards, newspaper, television, radio)?

In this quick video I talk about the differences, and just how effective a social media campaign can be. The two keys two the effectiveness of Social Media are: FOCUS, and FLEXIBILITY. You can HYPER target your desired audience, and once you do you have the flexibility to rework your advertising campaign until it suits them perfectly.

Headline not working? Offer not quite right? Placement not correct?

You cannot fix these things with analog/traditional media resources, they are only flexible on a monthly basis and even then it will take a great amount of resources to scrap campaign content and refresh it once you have gotten feedback.

Facebook Ad Marketing is an incredible opportunity for small businesses as is YouTube marketing. The markets are not flooded with individuals promoting their business this way which means the client acquisition cost can be cheap for you, and often times your business may be the only one in town DOING it.

Talk about power.

If you want to know more give me a ring on the phone or hit up the link to the June Sales Challenge… let’s talk about bringing your business into the new millennium.


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