Websites | Consultation | Social Marketing | SEO for Therapists | Grow Your Practice Hi, My name is Teresa Lauer with Grow Your Therapy Practice and I’d like to tell you about my therapy practice consultation and online training, specifically for therapists. Welcome to my video which provides you with information about me and the services I offer.

My services encompass the “perfect trifecta” of branding your therapy practice: Your website which is the foundation, social media, which strengthens your brand and your digital footprint which includes LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and finally pulling all of this together with dynamic marketing.

So, your website, as the foundation of your Digital Footprint and thus your brand and presents you with the perfect opportunity to begin the process of establishing a connection and trust with your potential clients. It’s where everyone will begin their search for you as an expert in your niche, whether you work with couples, individuals, whether you specialize in trauma, anxiety, depression or any of the other areas of specialty we work in. They’ll seek you out, via your website, to begin that process of learning more about you and your services.

Your social media is the next area where your referral sources and potential clients will search for you when interested in your services. For referral sources, this is most often through LinkedIn. Clients on the other hand, may often find you through your psychoeducational efforts on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. I offer consultation and training for Therapists interested in creating a brand across the spectrum, from content to search engine optimization to social media and how it all works to create a dynamic digital footprint!

So, one area of prime concern is how to establish and maintain social media accounts that tax their schedule and take them away from clients while providing meaningful and really purposed-filled information that interests their clients. I show you not only how to source and distribute your content for your social media but how to do it so that it takes only minutes a day or a week as your schedule allows.

Remember (SEO) or Search Engine Optimization? Well, it’s changing drastically over the next couple of months. I’ll introduce you to Google’s latest approach for ranking your website, called User Engagement Optimization which is UEO or translated, it means: ‘How well your website engages it visitors’. This has become super important not only for your website content but for your social media content as well and it’s Google’s new benchmark for success. So, you can now use UEO in conjunction with Social Sharing like on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and others to reach the success that you want and need for your therapy practice. There are tons of social media platforms on the Internet but these are some of the largest and most helpful for your therapy practice.

So, when I create your website, along with a custom design, the new methodology of UEO that I talked about earlier and you’re content, you’ll receive free support for 60 days. I also provide you with videos to show you how you can add and delete website pages, add videos, fix a typo, adjust your rates or change your address and lots more. All of these functions can be completed in a matter of minutes, not hours, and all without being a techie.

I offer three support plans. An hourly support service, 6 month and 1 year support for clients who want to concentrate on their practice, not become a website designer or programmer. All the work is performed by our in-house staff – Not overseas.

I’d like to invite you to check out my website portfolio showing over 30 satisfied client websites which were designed in collaboration with them! They’re all custom and perfectly display the style and aesthetic that each of my client needs to compel their ideal client to learn more. I’d like to invite you to ’click thru’ the clients’ designs to see their complete websites.

I also have a number of testimonials which my clients have so kindly sent to me over the last few years for your review. So, whether you’re interested in training, consultation, marketing or any of my other services, I can help make your experience informative and enjoyable!

My consultation provides you with the information, the direction, and support you need to make your therapy practice a true success. You’ll learn so much about branding your therapy practice, in fact, that you’re going wonder why you waited to begin! So, take a look at the services my website has to offer and then contact me! I look forward to talking to you to see how I can be of help in growing YOUR therapy practice!

For more information please call me at 425.516.9533 or send me a message on my website

Teresa Lauer, LMHC

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